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Wine is a luxurious and delicate alcoholic beverage due to its storage conditions and price value. Therefore, it has been kept in different ways, including the terracotta containers to Rome’s underground catacombs. 

The underground catacombs were popular to keep the wine in Rome in 6000 BC. Now, we have successfully come a long way in discovering modern and efficient custom wine cellar designs.

Consult an interior designer of West Palm Beach, Florida, and check out the latest wine cellar designs. Have a look at the popular wine cellar designs are as follows:

  • Wine Cabinet: Choose the wine closet design for displaying a small to the large collection of wines at home or in a commercial establishment. The rack system is suitable for functionally arranging the bottles. The wine cabinet is among the best wine cellar designs with climate control and humidity control features. 
  • Metal racks in wine room: The most popular example of the contemporary wine cellar designs in the metal rack wine cellars. These cellars are gaining popularity for their appearance and versatility. Make the metal rack wine cellar look stunning with a glass designing paired with LED lighting. 
  • Modern glass design wine cellar: The glass wine cellars highlight the modern designing scheme of keeping wines. It is a sleek, frameless, and affordable wine cellar design. It is possible to refrigerate it the maintaining the temperature levels in the wine room. 
  • Basement Wine Room: You can convert your basement or unused garage area into a cave-like wine room. Approaches the Wine Cellar Designers West Palm Beach Florida asks them to prepare a sitting area in the basement when making the wine room. Then, it will become the best place for wine lovers to gather and enjoy different drinking varieties of wine. In such areas, keeping proper temperature and humidity is important for storing the wine. You want to design the basement wine cellar and take an experienced Wine Cellar Designer in Palm Beach, i.e., Green Refrigeration LLC. 

Wine needs utmost care due to its fermentation process. Green Refrigeration LLC is the most trusted Wine Cellar Builders in Palm Beach County in designing the wine cellars per the client’s requirements. If you want to design the wine rooms at your place, contact us at +1(561) 303-7303 and discuss your requirements with our specialists. Our local specialists are only a call away from you and available 24/7 to help you find the best results.

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