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A Message from the Owner/ Founder of Advanced Green Refrigeration!


~ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours!

I am an efficiency energy engineer from Europe which means I can help cold storage owners to save money using special chillers that using 1/3 energy of the other refrigeration DX systems and parallel DX systems.

The chiller I used is a low temp glycol chiller system. 

Every HP low temp chiller is equal to 3 HP high temp, so if we need 100 HP high temp I use only 40 HP low temp. 

We are saying 40 HP compressors to be used. 

40 HP meaning 40 Thousand Dollars saving per year. 

Anybody can tell me if somebody can save 1 Thousand Dollars Per Year to any of their customers. 

There is no anyone who saves money, the way I save. 

I do save money in installation. 

Example – Rack system DX cost a fortune because of the oil management system.

One compressor down because of acid in oils. 

It will be a threat of all the system to fail and loosing all the compressor and the food. 

My system is partially small and back up with an individual compressor for an emergency, no downtime I do have a backup redundancy unit. 

Saving money in the material.

Saving money in TXV electronic.

There is only one mechanical. 

Saving money in maintenance. 

60% less maintenance.  

Using Abs piping systems from Europe.

Less Compressors HP.  

Cost of the compressor running for 18 Hours = 25 Cents = 4.5 Dollars Per Day x 35 HP because of 7.5 HP in smallest rack 5 compressors.

5 Dollars with demand per HP per day x 35 HP = 175 Dollars spending with the rack per day x 30 = around 5000 per month x 12 months = 60000 Dollars per small rack DX system in cold storage for vegetables and fruits. 

My system can do the work with 2 compressors low temp in chillers 2 Compressor low temp 7.5 HP.  So 15 HP my chiller 30 HP less.

30 HP Per Day x 5 Dollars for the Operation Cost = 150 Dollars is saving Per Day x 30 Days = 4500 x 12 Months = 54000 Dollars Per Year

Save up to 35% on electricity with our GREEN TECHNOLOGY. 

~ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All of You!

Kostas Papas, Owner – Advanced Green Refrigeration.



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