Glycol Chillers for Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries


Glycol Chillers For Breweries

We service, install and repair custom designed and  Brewing Chillers to meet your specific needs. Additionally, our ETL Approved Custom Panel Shop can manufacture NEMA4 remote control panels for a variety of brewery applications.

Glycol Chillers For Distilleries

Temperature control is a key factor for distilleries that produce premium products. That’s why G&D Chillers works to carefully match the precise system to the exact requirements of our clients.

Glycol Chillers For Food Processing

In the Agriculture and Food Industries, using a liquid cooling medium allows for diverse applications. In fact, the application seems virtually endless for food chillers and dairy chilling.

Glycol Chillers For Wineries

Over the years, we have helped numerous startup Wineries build their businesses from the ground up. We have found that discussing a few simple ideas about your long-term plans can save you time and allow your winery to expand without requiring retrofitting. Let us assist you in matching a Winery Chilling unit to your present needs and to your future demands as your customer base grows.

Single Stage Series

Single Stage air cooled chillers are built with a compact, but rugged platform that is simple to operate and easy to maintain. Every Single Stage packaged chiller incorporates a single compressor design.

Multi Stage Series

The innovative Multi Stage chiller utilizes multiple compressor circuits. Designed with efficiency in mind, these chillers run on an as-needed basis, which is ideal for applications with varying load requirements.

Vertical Air Series

The Vertical Air series are complete turnkey packaged chillers ideal for high volume operations. To maximize capacity and efficiency, each chiller contains efficient semi-hermetic compressors that are partnered with an oversized vertical discharge condenser.

Pump & Resevoir Series

G&D’s Pump & Reservoir Stand can be used in a variety of applications, but is primarily used when a packaged chiller is not an option. These units can be custom designed to fit the needs of any chiller that is not equipped with the hydronic side of a glycol chiller.

Modular Series

The Modular Series (MS) packaged chillers provide you with the opportunity to phase in expansion modules, increasing chilling capacity as you grow. G&D Chillers is leading the way in providing the solution for cost effective growth.

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Glycol Fan Coils

The Portable Glycol Fan Coil is another G&D innovation. Designed and built to your precise space cooling requirements on a portable platform.

Portable Fire & Ice

For over two decades, G&D has paved the way when it comes to portable glycol chilling. Our sturdy and practical design allows the user to utilize the same robust chiller on a portable platform.

Expansion Module

The Expansion Module (EM) units are designed to easily interface with the base Modular Series chiller. These units can also be utilized with ANY existing chiller system, helping to increase chilling capacity as you grow.

Chill & Flow Series

A compact and simple to operate indoor rated chiller system designed for nano brewery, winery, distillery applications.

Capacity Range:

  • Up to 3/4 HP
  • Cooling Capacity to 6,600 BTU/HR

Chill Star

Combining an economic price with proven and reliable operation. Common applications are smaller production breweries, boutique wineries and craft distilleries.

Capacity Range:

  • Up to 9 HP
  • Cooling Capacity to 80,635 BTU/HR

MA Series

Our “work horse” series offering single and dual refrigeration circuits that’s a perfect solution for customers planning to grow, providing the ability to expand capacity in the future.

Capacity Range:

  • Up to 27 HP
  • Cooling Capacity to 240,674 BTU/HR

V Scroll

  • Up to 30 HP
  • Cooling Capacity to 331,200 BTU/HR

V Piston

  • Up to 200 HP
  • Cooling Capacity to 1,792,000 BTU/HR

V Screw

  • Up to 220 HP
  • Cooling Capacity to 1,970,000 BTU/HR

M5 Series

  • Designed for indoor & outdoor installation
  • R404A Refrigerant

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