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Green Refrigeration LLC is the custom wine cellar expert +1 (561) 303-7303 based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Are you planning to have a custom wine cellar at your home?

Then, you can contact the expert team of Green Refrigeration LLC to know about the affordable wine cellars’ designs for the residential and commercial areas. We feel proud to serve the Palm Beach County region with the best wine cellar designs.

Our team holds specialization in making beautiful, affordable, and designer wine cellars for your restaurant and homes. It will give beyond the basic look to the wine storage area. 

· We design a wood-based custom wine cellar that gives an ethnic look to the wine storage area. 

· Glass and steel custom wine cellars have become popular in the North Palm Beach regions. 

· Designing wine cabinets and modular wine racks. 

· The design of the custom wine cellars is as per the wine walls, tasting rooms, and built-in wardrobes. 

List of Things to Consider Before Designing and Installing Wine Cellars.

Green Refrigeration LLC has become the most trusted Wine Cellar Builders and Designers in Palm Beach County, Florida. We know that keeping the wine collection is the thing of beauty that everyone loves to appreciate for years. You want to keep a few or hundreds of wine bottles in the storage area. Then, some tips from the wine cellar expert and you should keep in mind. 

· Temperature Control System:

Temperature and humidity are the two essential factors to keep the wine in the proper condition for a long. The ideal temperature for wine storage is 55-58F and 50%-70% humidity. Choose the area to have a wine cellar that posses’ perfect moisture and temperature control. 

· Wine Collection:

At the time, you are preparing to have a personalized wine storage area at your place. Then, it would help if you thought about the wine collection you would keep in the wine cellars. Accordingly, you can ask the wine cellar designers to prepare the racks. 

· Space to Design the Wine Cellar:

You have ample room for a custom wine cellar. Utilize the area properly and invest it accordingly. There is no need does not require a narrowly spaced wine cellar. 

. Express Your Style with the Wine Cellar:

Approach the custom wine cellar experts that can design the custom wine cellars for you that can express your style in it. It would be best if you had stunning furniture pieces and racks for storing the wines.

Our professionals are available 24/7 to help you the best and take action immediately. Contact us now at +1 (561) 303-7303 and request a free estimate. 

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