Mr. Papas is European Wine Cellars Specialist from Italy with the great experience for 20 years in Toscana, Italy how to design the best Wine Cellars that accommodate your needs. Mr. Papas use a special  Green Technology from Italy that’s saves lots of money for customers.

Each panel shall consist of inner and outer metal skins, a 4″ insulation core, and be equipped with cam-action locking devices. The locking devices shall be operable from inside the walk-in and a hex-shaped wrench shall be supplied. Press-fit plug buttons shall be provided to seal wrench holes after assembly is complete. Construction shall be as approved by the National Sanitation Foundation International and shall bear the NSF ® Seal of Approval. Floor screeds shall be provided for all floor less units. The screeds shall be vinyl, and have NSF ® approved cove both inside and out.

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